Supreme escorts from West Europe

Western European Escorts from pioneer London escort agency are a very good looking women. Since most of european countries belong to European Union, young girls can travel freely around Europe. Elite society London is proud to have a selection of top real models from West Europe. Among them are Irish escorts, Spanish escorts, Italian escorts, French escorts, German escorts, Norwegian  escorts, Swedish escorts, Austrian escorts. Furthermore, we have amazing escorts from Denmark, escorts from Netherlands, Escorts from Portugal and finally escorts from Switzerland.

Western European escorts favourite spot

It is not the secret that most Western European escorts favourite place is London. Although Paris since decades is known as the City of Love we would argue if this is true these days. London is the heart of Europe, not only as financial centre and personal freedom but also became a very romantic place. Many young women and men comes to live, work and find their life partner in London. Many businessmen comes to London in order to have some fun and relaxing holiday. London is multicultural place with restaurant, mysterious places and companies from all over the world. Probably why our Western European escorts feel so relax and comfortable to stay in this City.

The best place for a romantic evening in The City of London

The Ritz Piccadilly

The Ritz Restaurant in Piccadilly is the most beautiful dinning room in the world.  It is a pleasure to look at modern british aristocratic design. Sparkling chandeliers, marble columns and old fashion high ceiling windows overlooking beautiful nature of Green Park.

Ritz is proud of serving magnificent Michelin-starred meals. The Top UK chefs from Ritz use only organic and fair traded products. Finally according to The Sunday Times Ritz is announce to be one of the 100 Top Restaurants in the world.