How to make your party guests comfortable and create an unforgettable night?

There are many type of party games. We think one of the best way is to hire some party escorts. Those ladies can bring different kind of party toys. Also introduce very interesting party games like for instance strip poker.

How strip poker works?

Poker is well know game among men. However strip poker with party escorts will add some spice into this game. Strip poker is played by adults and fun escort girls love to play it. This is regular poker. The only difference is that they have to remove some piece of their clothes very time they lose. This type of game will bring a lot of excitement and fun into your party night.

What type are party escorts?

Party escorts are about fun. They love to play and invent exiting games into your life. Escorts are very open minded and willing to try new things in life. People who havent got much experience, party girls can seems naughty or far from being innocent. Escort party girls love to go nightclubbing or attend a party. Party models will take the party to the next pleasurable level.

The best place to go out with party girls


Restaurant and Bar. This is luxury club based in Mayfar just next door to Mayfair hotel. The atmosphere is very relaxing and welcoming. Our party escorts favourite place in London. Novikov is known from their amazing high end Asian kitchen.



They call themselves Theatre of Varieties. This is high end club also know as strip club. As a result The Box encourage their guest to dress glamorously, black tie for men and high heels for women. Most of all this club is very popular so make sure you reserve you private table in advance. If you fancy some snacks they have a late night menu of burgers and fries. In addition Novikov kichen is open from 11pm till 3am.



Charlie club. Recently is very fashionable club in London. If you wish to have a private party you can book a table at their members VIP area. Charlie is perfect place for a party with our sexy party women. Furthermore this party place is based in Mayfair just opposite Novikov bar.


Elite Society London is an expert in party places in London. Therefore feel free to give us a call and we can help you with organising you desirable party or night life.