Russian escorts

Russian escorts are among the most popular escort ladies in London. Making an appointment with escort in London can be very pleasurable activity. Everyone has their preferences in terms of look and personalities. If this is your first time booking an escort you might not be aware of your type yet. While you have some experience with high class escorts you know what is your escort type. Our escort categories will help you search for the escort you desire.

Client preferences

Some escort clients looking for only English escorts, sophisticated and well spoken. Others are looking for Latin escorts only. Maybe because they are fun, joyful party girls with a lot of girlfriend experience. English skills do not matter much but the experience they are providing. Finally some clients looking for Eastern European girls among which are Russian escort ladies. It is said that they are cold but this is far from true. They do not express themselves as openly as other. Once you give them a little bit of comfort they are the most warm and loving escorts.

Many high class models comes from Russia

Many Russian models from Moscow comes to London to became a catwalk. Escort job is a great way to make some additional money. Most of Russian escorts loves luxury life, high end apartments and top restaurants. Russian Ladies are a perfect companion for a dinner date.

If you would like to surprise one of the Russian female take her to Mari Vanna in Knightsbridge.

It is high end Russian restaurant in London. After being successful in St Petersburg, Moscow and New York owner decide to open on in London. Russian girl will love you for bringing her to Mari Vanna. They serve very traditional Russian meals. Internal design reminiscent of pre and post Soviet Union Russia. Russian escort girls feel like at home having a dinner there.

russian escorts