Oriental Escorts

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Places you need to visit with your oriental companion during your visit in London.


Zuma is high end sophisticated Japanese restaurant and bar based in Knightsbridge. It brigs a flavour of the east into western culture. London is very multi cultural and respecting all traditions of the past. Zuma has a huge rage of Japanese spirits and cocktails. In the middle of restaurant you will find square bar with walls filled with bottles of all sorts of alcohol. This oriental exclusive place had been one of the most popular bars in London recent years. Our oriental escorts are fans of this unique dining lounge.


China Town in London

China Town in London is like visit to China itself. You will be able to choose from over 70 authentic East Asian restaurant, cafes, bars and shops. In addition you can find professional Chinese massage places and natural asian medicine and healers. It will give you a taste of Asia in the heart of London.