Why are girls becoming escorts? part 1

Today we had a pleasure to interview and hear very interesting story of one of our best girl called Carol.

Where are you from Carol?
I was born in Brazil.

Have you worked as an escort in Brazil?

No, I haven’t and never thought I would become an escort girl. In my mind, escort girls are the ones who stand on the street and making little money and doing drugs. I. was growing up in the countryside and had no idea about the high-end escort industry.

Carol, why did you decide to become an escort girl in the UK then?

After breaking up with my long term partner I had a need to change my life and bought a ticket to the UK, with the intention to stay a couple of months and study English. Nevertheless, after a very short time, I decided to stay in this country for longer. Because my English was very poor at that time I get a job as a cleaner. It was a Portuguese cleaning company and strangely for me at that time, most of my clients were Brazilian girls. It turned out that they were working girls but I thought I would never ever do this kind profession myself. 

What made you change your mind?

The first thing that changed my mind was the fact that the whole escort industry was not what I imagine or saw on the TV.  Also, I was judgmental toward the girls at first, had no much respect or consideration for them. Nevertheless, after some time I got to know them well and these women were just like me. They were chasing their dreams and want to improve themselves and their future. 

Did you just decide one day to join these girls?

There were additional factors that made me become a sex professional. My money was running out and I knew that I would need to make a decision soon than later, to go back to my country or find a better-paid job. Also, the girls I worked for were kept telling me that I am beautiful and I could have a very good life here as an escort. The thought of having a life like them become tempting because I was comparing my life with theirs daily.