What a fantastic night! Thanks to an escort company in London

When it comes to nights on the town, you aren’t going to believe the night my friends and I had last weekend. It was one of those nights you see in movies but never believe could happen to you. 

It started out just like any other weekend really, just me and the boys heading to the casino to play a few games of blackjack and roulette and enjoy some drink together, but man did it start taking a turn for the better! 

It started off like any other regular night

We were just having a few laughs and drink, winning some money, and losing some money. Nothing unusual so far, but that changed quickly when Brett accidentally put all our money on one spin of roulette. We were pretty angry until it came up with a winner! Now our night was really starting to get fun!

With our pile of cash, we decided to really have a night and organised a suite at the casino and let all our wives and girlfriends know that we’d be staying the night rather than driving home. 

Dear ladies, It wasn’t us; it was Brett! 

Brett took control at this point and decided that there were too many guys and not enough girls. He knew the escort company in London that he’d dealt with before, and before any of us had a chance to put up any objections, he’d made a phone call. 

Within the hour, the suite was packed full of some of the most gorgeous and open-minded escorts that you have ever seen. Seriously, I didn’t know that such beautiful and sensual women existed outside of movies and lingerie catalogs. They were absolutely stunning and the excitement levels inside that hotel suite were electric. 

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I felt like I’d stumbled into an adult movie, and I was the star! 

After we’d been out for a massive dinner in one of the fanciest restaurants in town with some of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen. We returned to the hotel suite, and the girls kicked the party off to an even higher level! I didn’t think that it was possible to have this much fun on a lad’s night. 

I think it was one of the girls that suggested that we start playing strip poker, but whoever’s idea it was, it was absolutely brilliant. Before long, everyone was walking around the suit enjoying being naked, relaxed and drunk together. At one stage, we had even enjoyed smoking some marijuana, so the mood was very relaxed and carefree. The party kicked off as me and the rest of the boys started to pair off with our favourite girls of the night and took our sexy party ladies into the bedroom for round two! 

I’m not one to kiss and tell, so you’ll just have to imagine what happened for hours in the bedroom. Let me tell you one thing, there was a lot of moaning and screaming. And I’d never tried some of the things I was lucky enough to experience that night. 

If you’re looking for a great night, I couldn’t recommend trying the delights of the girls that we tried from the escort company in London that night. I still haven’t recovered! 

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