What will your upper class escorts be wearing?

At Elite Society London, each of our upper class escorts will be dressed to impress. Each escort has a wide-ranging wardrobe, meaning she has suitable attire for any situation, whether it’s a black-tie dinner or one of the best clubbing hotspots in London. You can be confident that when you spend time with one of Elite Society London’s escorts, you will be met with a well-presented, beautiful woman.

Upper class escorts outfits

Every escort at Elite Society London knows how to flaunt their best assets, with a wardrobe of elegant evening dresses, to sexy cocktail dresses made by many of the world’s best-known designer brands.

From Christian Louboutin to Gucci, Dior, Prada and Hervey Ledger , our upper class escorts have every outfit imaginable. Bringing a sense of class to any situation with expensive stilettos, dresses and accessories.

If you have a specific fashion request, let us know so we can facilitate and ensure your escort is dressed appropriately, ready for any occasion.

Beauty is in the detail

We believe that an entire outfit must be perfect, meaning accessories are the finishing touch on our escorts. True beauty is accentuated by the fine details, which is why our escorts wear high-end jewellery and accessories that ooze luxury. From designer shoes to beautiful bracelets, necklaces, earrings and handbags. Every deluxe escort will stun with their elegance, elevating people’s perception of you as she devotes her attention to you. If you have personal preferences, you can make requests so this can be facilitated wherever possible.

Escort Hair styling

The upper class escorts at Elite Society London ensure they are beautifully presented at all times, styling their hair to impress. If you would like to request your escort’s hair to be styled down or up, feel free to let us know, so she can meet your every desire.

Escort Makeup

While all of our escorts know how to accentuate their natural beauty using makeup. They can also work to meet your individual preferences, whether it’s bright red lipstick, heavy eye makeup, or even a minimalistic makeup look. In addition, her nails will be polished to perfection, with a fresh manicure.

upper class escorts
Meeting your visual fantasy

Our escorts are able to meet your visual fantasies, with naturally beautiful models each having their own stunning, unique appearances. Whatever you are looking for, whether it’s a beautiful date for a high-class event, a gorgeous woman to accompany you to a work meeting, or a group of escorts for a night out to remember, you can find exactly what you’re looking for with Elite Society London. 

You can see that we have many beautiful escort women to choose from, enabling you to find the perfect escort. You can browse each natural beauty with ranging hair colours, eye colours and body shapes. Choosing the one that will be the sexiest woman in the room. You can even make requests including their choice of attire, hair or makeup, so they can truly fit what you are looking for. Remember that you don’t have to choose only one… you can select multiple escorts to fulfil your fantasy.

Our escorts are educated and engaging, so you can be confident, knowing that they are able to strike up conversation at any event and impress in any group setting. They can make everything about you, devoting their attention to you while fitting the exact specification of what you need.