Getting prostitutes off the streets

You know, in days when I was on drugs, I used to be a prostitute! Oh yes, I was a hooker. I was a good one. It is hard to be a hooker when you have bad feet. I used to be at the corner, my feet will be swollen like shit, and another whore will rob my feet, and I had my little stool up there. Another whore say ‘what’s wrong’ I said My feet hurting at the end of the day I will be tired cos … my ass and cars run by and I would be like pussyyyyyy. They would be like ‘what the fuck was that?’ and the guy says ‘come here’ and I said this not that kind of pussy that comes to you, you need to come to get that pussy, my feet hurt.

Prostitutes Create a Resume

When I got clean, they got me a job in rehab, and they made me work with all whores. They said: Rosh, you can best help whores.I said I do not know what to do with these bitches, so I got creative with the whores I got them all dressed up one day, and I put them in a conference room, and I said ok whores we going to put you a resume togetherThey said: What are you going to put on my resume I haven’t none but sell the pussy I said: First of all, the prostitute is none but a customer service representative, bitch! Your job is the service to the customerWhore said: What are you going to put there as my skills? So I said: What the hell you did?They said: How are you going to do that?I said: If you have slept with more then one man at the same timeThey say: Hell yesYou work well with other user team players

Volunteer work community service

One of the other lads, it was Brett decided that the four us weren’t enough for a party, so he suggested You slept with a man, and you didn’t get your money?They said: AbsolutelyI said: That’s volunteer work community serviceWhat you favourite sexual position?They said: All of themI said: You flexible they can put you in any positionYou have been pocked in an ass and gave the blowjob at the same time?They said: AbsolutelyI sais: Baby you can multitaskingYou have slept with a man, and it was over just like that?They said: All the timeYou have the ability to get the job done in a timely fashionI said: Damn Girl; your resume looks better than mine!Then the white girl was going to challenge me in front of all other whores.

Whore references

What are you going to do if they goona ask me for references?I said: Ask some of the guys you were sleeping withShe said: I had two last night with the same surname Mr. Johnnson I said: You worked for a fortune 500 company bitch! You worked for Johnson & Johnson. So I challenged her back cos I had to have the last word. Have you ever slept with the white man?She said: AbsolutelyI said: You do not have a dance ass!