Uniform fetish

Uniform fetish – People in Authority

Research says that sexual fantasy involving uniforms can be a solution to fear around authority. All kind of outfits can cause excitement. Most often uniforms associated with the professions which are serious and intimidate us. For instance police officer, prison officer, military officer, doctors, pilots, teachers or judge. By inviting them into our sexual fantasy we reduce their control or power over us. In result their become our friends.

Schoolgirl uniform is the most popular uniform fetish worldwide

Schoolgirl costume can easily be appealing to men and women. Women because they can feel younger. It might have a less sexual aspect of nostalgia. Regarding men schoolgirl clothes can represent an unattainable objects of desire. The contrast of grow up women in a school uniform can be really appealing. In this sexual role play, the schoolgirl role is submissive, where the partner plays the authority figure. This uniform fetish is widely popular in Japanese and Western adult entertainment.

French maid uniformuniform-fetish

Another very popular sex uniform for role play, the French maid uniform. Traditionally french maid worked for wealthy master. During the role play french maid character play  humbling,even humiliating acts of servitude. This can include dusting, mopping, serving drinks. The partner of french maid role is dominant and the french maid role plays the submissive. This is why practitioners of the BDSM lifestyle use this fetish costume quite often.

Fetish escorts who do role playing

From our experience a secretary outfit and a sexy schoolgirl outfit are the most popular role play requested. Most of our ladies has their sexy mistresses uniforms. Our escort ladies can meet you in following uniforms: Secretary uniform, Schoolgirl uniform, Dominatrix uniform, Air Hostess uniform, sexy Nurse uniform, French Maid uniform or sexy school teacher uniform. Feel free to call and discuss your uniform requests.