Sugar Dating

Sugar relationship

Sugar relationship or Sugar dating is extremely popular in London. Sugaring is a type of relationship agreement between Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy. This transactional relationship is called sugaring. Sugar baby is usually much younger, who received money, gifts and other benefits for companionship and being in a relationship. Sugar Daddy is older and wealthier who supports Sugar Baby. 

Online dating

So how do they find each other? Mainly throw online dating. There is plenty of website design for this purpose. The most popular in London are a sugar,,,, One of these sites claims that they have 10 million members. Those dating sites are the perfect place for introducing people and negotiating sugar arrangement. Furthermore, it is a very safe place for both parties seeing the arrangement. 


Sugar dating is an easy and fun relationship. Most importantly, it last as long as both parties are happy with each other. Additionally is a huge amount of respect and honesty. This is why it is not a surprise why this form of dating in London is so popular. Research says that many sugar babies are students and their sugar partners helping them a lot. Most often those are young females who do not want to follow the myth of a poor student. Besides that, they want to enjoy themselves and life to the fullest while studying. In result, Sugar Daddies are in a very comfortable position too. Because they have girls of their dream. 

Escorts and Sugar Babies Sugar relationship

The difference between female escorts and female sugar baby is that escorts do not do a long-term arrangement. Certainly, escort ladies are available for an hourly rate and can meet as many people as they want. Sugar girl is committing to a longer relationship or at least to one person she has an arrangement. So in the result sugar relationship is very similar to a romantic relationship where no-one pays anyone for being in a relationship. What do you think which one is more pleasurable?