Ways Of Spicing Things Up

Escorting is one of the most competitive professions in the world and with all the competition we have here at Elite Society London we have many tips to benefits those of you looking to become an escort at a top agency like us. So, if you’re still contemplating a career in the companionship profession then you may want to consider providing some extra services and advertising that you do to get ahead.

For example, many men may have sexual fetishes and fantasies they wish to live out but aren’t sure which escorts will be willing to participate. This means they have to ask each escort they try booking if she’s willing to fulfil a particular fantasy. If you advertise that you do indeed provide this it saves clients going through a searching process and it’s very likely they’ll book you instead. This can increase clientele, boost revenue and maybe even give you some loyal repeat clientele.

One of the ways you can get ahead of your competition by offering something different is by indulging in bedroom games. Stick with us here. What we mean are just a few naughty little activities your clients may love to try or even have wanted to try but are too shy to ask. We’re going to go through a short list of easy to prepare bedroom games that don’t really require more than yourself to be present.

So let’s get into it with the first adult game on our list:

Truth or Dare

truth or dare is a game most of us are familiar with either through playing it ourselves when we were younger or simply being exposed to it through media and popular culture. So with that being said the rules don’t need to be explained but for anyone who doesn’t know truth or dare is simply where you ask someone ‘Truth or dare?’ and depending on their response for which they choose you then proceed to ask an either deeply personal or embarrassing question to which they have to answer truthfully, or propose a dare for them to carry out. This game can also be played by spinning a bottle in between you and asking the question to whoever the bottle is pointing at.

Although this isn’t the hottest game in the world to play in the bedroom you can add your own spin to it and give each other sexual dares to carry out on each other and before you know it you’ll forget you even started out playing a game. A good ice-breaker between you and your client could be to have a rule where you have to answer ‘truth’ for the first five questions asked, this will break the ice between you and also give you a little chance to learn more about each other.


Role-play is definitely a service you could charge more for because of how much range role-play can cover and because it gives you the opportunity to let clients live out there fantasies which other escorts may not be willing to do. This can give you a definitive edge over the competition. For example, some people may have fantasies to sleep with a teacher or a nurse.
Dressing up can offer you an opportunity to offer something not all escorts are openly advertising and if a client is looking for that it’s very likely he will become a repeat client as he knows your willing to participate in that fantasy. You could also charge extra for this service as you will need to buy your own costumes and props.

Some fantasy role-plays don’t need any costumes or props however but just take someone willing to participate to carry out the fantasy. It’s important to remember only to offer a service you yourself are a 100 percent comfortable with participating in because if you’re not this could greatly affect your performance and ultimately your business.

The Fantasy Bowl

The fantasy bowl doesn’t take much preparation but you will need a hat or a bowl or just something you can throw pieces of paper into. The aim of this game is to be as naughty as you can as each of you will take multiple pieces of paper and on each piece write down a singular sexual fantasy you really want to try. After you’ve done this both of you will place your fantasy pieces of paper into the bowl and mix them up until it’s unclear whos fantasy is whos.

You will then proceed to take out the pieces of paper and talk about the fantasy written down until you both find a fantasy you really want to try and before long the pieces of paper won’t even be a part of the situation. This is a very fun game to try to explore sexual fantasies and also get into your clients head a little bit. Of course, remember to only participate in fantasies you actually want to try as doing something you don’t want to can affect your performance to please, also you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.