How To Prepare For A Booking

Booking an escort is exciting. You choose the woman of your dreams and she makes your dreams come true but have you ever thought about what you could do to make her experience with you more pleasurable. If you’ve ever booked an escort and wanted to again, and she refused, you may be doing something wrong.

Tips For Preparing:

Here at Elite Society London, we feel it’s important everyone get’s the most out of their experience. So, today we’re going to take you through a list of things you should be doing to prepare for your booking and to make the whole experience more comfortable for the both of you.

Hygiene Is Always Important

So let’s get into it with our first point which is hygiene. Cleanliness is important here especially if you’re expecting companionship. Make sure you shower and scrub yourself the way you would if you were attending a big event. Make sure your teeth are brushed, mouthwash helps, do your hair and have a clean shave.

Escorts appreciate a clean shave as it is a clear indication of hygiene and effort without you saying anything. Sometimes to make sure your escort may ask you to take a shower before proceeding. Don’t be offended by this and have another shower so she knows you’re definitely clean.

As well as being physically clean make sure you are clean from any diseases that can be contracted or from any skin ailments like rashes and warts. You should do this before making a booking and sort out any problems you have before the booking, but a quick check again is a good idea. Also, don’t be offended if your escort also does a quick screen of your body to make sure you’re clean or don’t have any obvious symptoms of a sexually transmitted disease.

Keep Your Accommodation Tidy

As well as making sure you’re clean do the same for your environment. Whether you are at home or have arranged the booking for a hotel make sure it’s a clean environment and to be more courteous, put out products for women such as fragrances or female body wash and baby wipes. She’ll appreciate the extra effort you’ve made to make her comfortable and when she’s comfortable, you can be too.

Staying on the topic of comfortability, make sure your escort is comfortable in your environment and has peace of mind. Be tactful, after all, you are a stranger she’s meeting and that can be unnerving no matter how many times you do it. Make sure she knows she’s in safe hands, offer her a glass of water or to share a drink with you if you’re having one.

Make Your Escort Feel Comfortable

Give her a quick tour of your place so she absolutely sure there is nobody else in the house or hotel room and you don’t have friends secretly recording her from hiding spots. Make sure she knows it’s just you to so she’ll be comfortable enough to proceed with you. If an escort feels like the whole scenario is shady and uncomfortable, she will cancel the booking, leave, and likely never accept your booking again.

Make sure not to try anything with your escort before a payment is confirmed. Keep in mind the escort industry is completely cash dominated and escorts refrain from accepting any form of payment other than cash or payments that can be retracted later. Also for legality reasons never directly hand over cash to an escort. Just like your escort, the form of payment has to be more sophisticated.

Ensure A Smooth Payment Process

Put your money in an envelope and leave it in the bathroom on top of a sink or on top of a wardrobe for her to find. Always pay the exact amount agreed on, never haggle or under pay as this could get you blacklisted from ever making another booking, If you are happy with her services you can tip her a little extra than agreed, this is always appreciated.

Prepare For An Incredible Experience!

Remember your escort is there to provide a service you paid for. Be tactful of her, respectful, caring, thoughtful, generous and most of all, have fun! Click here to get in contact for your booking.