Fashion models

Fashion models make money as escorts.

Fashion industry is a very competitive industry. There is plenty of beautiful young girls who wish to be next Kate Mose or Cindy Crawford. Unfortunately there is not much room on the top. They are beautiful, talented but not paid much if they not recognisable yet. This is why they quite often decide to make money elsewhere in order to stay and focus on modelling. Fashion models have everything what they need in order to become successful in escort industry. They are classy, well dressed and well mannered.

Fashion escort models have the life they dreamed of.

Despite of luck of fame, escort industry can provide everything what girls dreamed of. They gain financial stability, designed clothes, luxury travels, handsome men. Modelling career is quite short. If you reach 30 you can forget about being famous model. The situation is not so much different in escort business, nevertheless you not disqualify in your thirties yet. If you look after yourself you can make a money even if you 40 or 50. It is not a surprise that many models who’s dreams didn’t come true end up being an escort.

Pink book in Brazil.

Fashion models in Brazil are not so much concern about being an escort. During fashion week you can notice that some of the models are wearing pink bracelets. This is a code for potential clients that the girl is available for private meetings.

Catwalk escorts in London.

If you looking for high class fashion model Elite Society London have selection of catwalk from all over the world. Escort agencies in London have plenty of recognisable escort girls in their books. Escorts from fashion world are well traveled, adventures and easy going girls. Feel free to give us a call and discuss the option for tonight.