How Legal escort agency should operate

What is legal and what is not.

We need to look at UK law about Legal escort agency and prostitution. Lets define and describe what law says.

Definitely It is not legal to offer any sexual activities or services on public for instance on the street, on a balcony or in a window.  It is not legal to control, persuade, force or threaten someone to have sex.

Buying sex from the person over 18 years old if this person is alone and in her own apartment is legal. It is also legal to work as a prostitute.

How about Legal escort agency

An Escort agency will remain legal as long as operates as booking agency, companionship agency. UK escort agency arranging meeting and charging for companionship ( for the escort’s time ) is legal. If there is not any form of control escort agency runs legally. Of course it needs to pay taxes. It appears that London escort agencies (that we are aware of) are legal.

It is always a good idea to have a contract between escorts and the escort agency. This sort of contract is designed to protect an escort agency from breaking the law.We would strongly suggest mentioning in the agreement that although parties share some interest ( like employer-employee ) are seen as completely independent.

Important role of Legal escort agency

Most of the public do not understand importance of escort agencies. Girls who offer companionship are very vulnerable on their own. It does not matter what kind of service escort girls decide to provide, there should always be someone who knows about their meeting. An escort agency provide sort of security for those models. An escort agency will always check on them if they safe and fine after the meeting. The same is for clients, they do not know who they are meeting, by using an companionship agency they have some sort of guarantee that they will meet someone trustful and genuine.