2018 Year of the Dog

Celebrate New Chinese Year with Chinese Escort

New Chinese Year called a Spring Festival is the oldest Chinese festival.  If you not familiar with Chinese-escortChinese tradition, Chinese escort would be the best to guide you throw. The beginning of new year is considered to be a time for loved once. This tradition is designed to bring good fortune for next 12 months. You need to know that the biggest celebration outside of Asia takes place in London’s Chinatown. The year in 2018 will start on 16th of February with huge parade in London on 18th of February. Chinese calendar is based on the lunar calendar this is why it starts on a different date each year. Our Chinese escorts will be taking part in Chinatown celebration. Book one of our Chinese escort from Elite Society London and celebrate this New year in Chinese style.

Year Of the Dog

2018 Year is the 4715th Chinese year. It is the year of Dog. Chinese horoscope for 2018, Year of the Earth Dog says that it will be a good time for lifestyle changes, new business projects. In addition it is a very good time to get rid of bad habits.

Classy Chinese Escorts

Despite of baby face look, Chinese girls are sweetheart. Chinese women are loyal, traditional, caring and very respectful. Even if Chinese female is born outside China it does not change much her way of thinking. If you looking for warm girlfriend experience Chinese escort will be the best choice. In the case you have never date a Chinese lady, you will experience completely something new. High class and elite Chinese escorts are are well educated, polite with great sense of style. Those ladies are comfortable in any situation and you can feel confidante to invite one of our Chinese London escorts to your business event.