It is really worth to pay for an expensive female escort?

expensive female escort
expensive female escort

Let’s think about paying for an expensive female escort from different perspective.

Why do you think there is plenty of clients who pays huge amount of money for an expensive female escort companion. Imagine they are willing to pay £600 per hour, where top lawyer get £400. Lawyers needs to study for years and have a lot of experience in order to get those kind of rate. Above that they need to be really good at your job. So what it is? You would say those ladies are attractive and young. Do they really worth it? Do they posses special skills?

What type of clients paying high rate for an expensive female escort?

They all have money. That is for sure. This mean they are successful in whatever they do. Quite often they are business people. Are they successful in all area in they life. As an escort agency we can not ask such a personal questions. Nevertheless from the experience we have, we can tell there is plenty of reason. We wont know them all.

Clientele of an escort agency in London

They are in long term marriages. There is not much excitement and curiosity. Also quite often a lot of problems. Escort girl is perfect solution. She is younger, fun and easy going. After relaxing meeting there is no obligation to meet again. No one is hurt and lives moves on.

People have bad experiences in relationship. They might attract women who were interested only in their wealth. Those women cost them a lot, finically and emotionally. So looking back an expensive female escort seems cheap option.

Those men have their private lives and want some fun. They can not afford to meet anyone who would affect their reputation. They paying those rate for discretion.

Some are longing for a perfect woman in their life but have not found one. Escort girl give them substitute of an relationship even if this is an illusion. They are completely aware of it.

Top people are often alone. You do not have a lot of friend once you reach the top. They are meeting people who constantly wants something from them. Those escort ladies are well paid. They wont get anything else from them.

They need someone to talk to without judgement. They do not have to keep standard, they can feel relax and be whoever they want to be at that moment.

They want some fun, they miss crazy years, meeting girls. Those years are gone. Escort girl is perfect solution.

They have fantasies who they will not share with anyone. Escort girls do not judge what is wrong or right. Client can be who they really are not supposed to be.